On-line • November 15 - 20th 2020

An unusual non-profit conference connecting industry and academia.


Rebase is a new conference for and by practitioners who want to engage academics about tomorrow's technologies while fondly recalling the achievements of yesterday.

This year, Rebase was planned to occur twice, once in Berlin with the ECOOP conference and once in Chicago with the SPLASH conference. Due to outside forces, there will be a single virtual event.

Rebase will use the Clowdr platform for interaction, registration allows attendees to ask questions and meet with each other and with speaker. Registration also give access to all of the SPLASH co-located events.

Rebase is free, all talks will be streamed on  YouTube live. Register to support the conference and to join the conversation and mingle with the speakers.



Oege de Moor



Joe Pamer



Jeff Bezanson

Julia Computing


Matt Bauman

Julia Computing

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